Fry Bread

Fry Bread Recipe

Grandma Peters Easy Fry Bread4 cups self rising flour1 cup whole wheat flour and ½ t. baking powder (optional)1 T. brown Sugar4 cup of dried milk1T liquid Crisco Oil or canola oil4-5 cups warm waterFry at 400o in Crisco Oil, usually at least one inch of oil.The secret to this fry bread is the more gentle you are with it the better. If you mix it in the morning and just cover it with a t-towel and fry it in the afternoon, the most wonderful taste occurs and it is even fluffier than ever.Mix the dry ingredients.  Add the warm water. Then, mix carefully. You want the dough to be the consistency of cooked oatmeal. Not dry and not wet. When this is done, cover and let it sit. (at least two hours)When you are ready to fry, heat your electric fry pan to 400 degrees. If you cook on top of the stove, the oil should be hot but not quite smoking. Test a small piece of bread. If it cooks to fast turn your heat down slightly.Spread your dough on a generously floured pizza pan. Cover with more flour.  Cut into round pieces with a glass. Gently pat the fry bread in your hands. Making a small hole in the center with your finger. This makes it fry all the way through.  Place the dough carefully in the heated oil. When you see it brown on the edges slightly, turn it over with a big fork, until it is golden brown. Do not over cook. Place on a baking sheet lined with paper towels to drain off any oil.  I like to put mine a blue turkey pan in a warmed oven to keep my fry bread warm until all pieces are cooked. Some people put it in a lined ice chest it they are cooking for a feast. Cover your warm bread with cotton dish towels. Try not to use foil, it is bad for the environment.You now have your recipe. You can make the pieces bigger for Indian tacos. When I do this, I usually cut open the bread and put the taco mixture on top of it, or for kids, cut it into pieces before I put the ingredients over it. Many kids don’t like tomatoes so just ask and season your meat with taco seasoning in a package and finely cut up lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and cheese.  Easy.My kids like blanket dogs…same mixture but you mold the fry bread over the hot dog. ( Laura's favorite)I use Kogel Vienna and am careful not to use anything that has earthobate (worms) in it.  Just fry as usual.I sometimes like to make fry bread as a dessert and make tiny pieces and dip them in sugar and cinnamon mixture.A new trend is to add pumpkin pie mixture in place of some of the water. It is delicious.If you don’t use self-rising flour use 4 t baking powder and 1 T salt.